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PHP and MySQL Essentials

Course Overview:

This essentials courses covers the basic techniques of writing scripts in PHP and creating and managing MySQL databases. No prior knowledge of PHP is required. However participants need to be proficiency with HTML and CSS coding.

PHP MySQL Essentials skills include:


Part 1 – Introduction:

Understanding how PHP works

Server-Side Scripting Vs. Client-Side Scripting

Part 2 – Understanding the PHP language:

Introduction to PHP scripts

Introduction to using variables, data and strings

Introduction to statements and operations

Introduction to passing information in PHP

Part 3 – MySQL Databases:

MySQL data storage

Introduction to using tables

Using key tools – such as DROP, CREATE and PRIMARY KEYS

Part 4 – Entry Management:

Introduction to Entry Database Tables

Introduction to Entry Input Forms

Introduction to PHP scripting to process and verify

Connecting to the MySQL database and saving data to the database

Introduction to retrieving and displaying entries.


The course runs over a single day.


CcC at Barony operates an ‘Open Entry’ policy but prospective participants should have good everyday computer keyboard skills and they need to be proficiency with HTML and CSS coding.


Participants receive the CcC Barony Certificate in PHP and MySQL Essentials