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Dreamweaver Essentials

Course Overview:

Adobe says “Adobe Dreamweaver empowers designers and developers to build standards-basedwebsites with confidence. Develop pages with content management systems, and accurately test browser compatibility.”

Create your own website:

Dreamweaver takes you from the very basics in web page design to more sophisticated features which will impress your visitors and get them involved with website. The course is for anyone with an interest in producing a simple Dreamweaver website. It takes participants from the beginning to being able to create and edit simple web pages. It shows participants how to create basic pages and link them together. Participants gain an understanding of the use of tables and how to place objects on them. Forms are also explored together with various forms of data-collection for them. Participants are also introduced to the idea of Cascading Style Sheets - CSS.

Dreamweaver Essentials skills include:

Basics of HTML


Text and Images




Links and Hyperlinks


The course runs over a single day.


CcC at Barony operates an ‘Open Entry’ policy but prospective participants should have good everyday computer keyboard skills.


Participants receive the CcC Barony Certificate in Dreamweaver Essentials

NOTE: This is not an Adobe certified course