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Course Overview:

A database is a collection of records –such as those for a doctor’s patients, a commercial company’s customers or members of a sports club. Access is a program which allows us to create and manage these records and use them for analysis (such as market research), reports and for contact with the people whose details are recorded (by email or letter for example).

Create and manage your own databases.

Microsoft Access enables you to create your own database to gather and input the type of data you need. It then provides you with a range of tools to process that data into useful output information.

Who is the course for ?

The course is for anyone with an interest introducing simple databases. It takes participants from the beginning to being able to create and use a practical database. It shows participants how to create the database so that is can capture all the data you need.Participants gain an understanding of the use of databases for quickly analyzing the data and generating useful information. Simple on-screen input forms are also developed together with techniques introducing reports and print-offs.

MS Access Essentials skills include:

Basics of setting up a database

Setting up a simple input screen

Inputting data

More advanced searching for particular records based on multiple criteria


The course runs over a single day.


CcC at Barony operates an ‘Open Entry’ policy but prospective participants should have good everyday computer keyboard skills.


Participants receive the CcC Barony Certificate in MS Access Essentials