CoolCatsComputing is part of Barony Consulting Group Limited which partners with Hammerstone House Limited, a long-established publisher of training and education materials and content.

Through this partnership we also deliver online courses directly to learners to take when it suits you best.

We offer a wide range of online courses from Beginner to Honours Degree level – offering you a platform to develop to your full potential.

IMPORTANT: Courses available through this platform are NOT tutor-delivered. When you pay for your course, a link is provided to you to download the package of course materials to view in your own time.

You need to have the software program installed on your device and the course feesĀ DO NOT include the software program which needs to be purchased from its supplier.

Our courses are designed by skilled educationalists and practitioners who are skilled in their subject areas.

Course content is easy to understand.

We provide a mixture of presentations, short videos, practical guides and tutorial documentation.

We have been delivering education and training courses through e-learning and online learning for the past 15 years.

So, you can have confidence in us and in our care and attention to your needs.

We are registered with UKPRL (No: 10019271).

“We have built strong relationships with educational providers, consultants and support organisations offering international qualifications, including with City&Guilds of London Institute-approved and Pearson-approved-centres.”