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Course Overview:

Being able to use spreadsheets can make your life so easy in performing everyday calculations and analysis. Whether you are running your own small business, or need to prepare work schedules and rosters for example, Excel is ideal.

The course is for anyone with an interest in producing simple spreadsheets. It takes participants from the beginning to being able to create and edit practical spreadsheets. It shows participants how to create basic graphs and charts

Participants gain an understanding of the use of spreadsheets for quickly calculating and analyzing numeric data. Graphs and charts are also explored together with various styles and how they might be used in presentations. Participants are also introduced to the idea of ‘if then’ forecasting with spreadsheets.p>

Increase your accuracy and productivity.

Spreadsheets have the great advantage of allowing you to automate many calculations secure in the knowledge that they will be speedy to do, and always accurate and reliable.

Excel Essentials skills include:

Basics of Excel

Simple calculations

Creating graphs and charts

Automating calculations

Practical applications e.g. cash flow planning

PIntroduction to ‘If then’ calculations


The course runs over a single day.


CcC at Barony operates an ‘Open Entry’ policy but prospective participants should have good everyday computer keyboard skills.


Participants receive the CcC Barony Certificate in Excel Essentials